Miltary Style

Its amazing to me how styles really do come full circle. I never used to believe my mom when she would say “Those used to be popular when I was your age!”  or “All the styles repeat themselves, Sarah” Now I know what she was talking about as I find myself seeing the same trends over and over again. One the trends that has come around again (and luckily its one that I really like)  is the military style. There’s something about camo pants, army green oversized jackets, trench coats with military buttons and the like still make me swoon.  The military trend is what inspired our camo clutch  and we think this clutch paired with a long army green utility jacket (like one below) would look amazing!


We found some celebrities who have been rocking the military trend as well…3_vanessa-hudgens                                                   Vanessa Hudgens

julianne-hough-military-leather-sleeve-jacket-spring-2013-684x1024Julianne Hough wearing a military jacket with leather sleeves

jessica-alba-military-jacket-spring-2013Jessica Alba wearing a belted military jacket

So whether its a military jacket, army green pants or a camo clutch, we hope the military trend is here to stay.  By adding one military piece to your wardrobe you can dress up or dress down a super cute outfit.


camo                                   Camo Clutch By Sew  Sarah R